About Us

We built Arrow Automotive (an ISO9001:2015 Company) to be a catalyst in the global shift towards electric vehicles, in the process, hoping to reduce the carbon emissions footprint that plagues our transportation industry worldwide.

With a mission to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change, improve public health and reduce ecological damage, we aim at building a commercially viable forum, especially for the lower strata of our society hence aiming at making affordable Electric Vehicles.

With several years of experience in natural energy resources, ARROW hopes to pave a lucrative way for its dealers and ultimately its end customers with a promise to support and guide them throughout their journey with ARROW AUTOMOTIVE.

Factories And Warehouses

With manufacturing plants in West Bengal and Assam, and Company operated warehouses in Kolkata, Guwahati and Patna, Arrow Automotive has a total production capacity of 1000 vehicles per month. With years of experience in electric vehicles, professional expertise, a strong client base and excellent dealership network, ARROW AUTOMOTIVE has exhibited a continued development of its vehicles. We have successfully been able to meet customers requirements hence becoming one of the leading brands in this industry.

Technology & Design

Arrow Automotive has expanded its electric three-wheeler range with the unveiling of three new smart EVs that are aimed at both, B2B and B2C segments. The new range of electric vehicles includes ARROW PRO, ARROW ECO, ARROW SKY And ARROW MAX.

The company says that considering India’s driving situation, simulation software is used in the vehicles and the entire driving and vehicle handling experience is enhanced using immersion reality tools along with a telematics unit and GPS system. Moreover, the body and chassis of the vehicles have been painted with electrophoresis method in order to ensure long term durability.

Arrow Automotive is in line with Prime Minister’s Make in India vision, hence keeping our vehicles localised to the maximum extent. The new range of smart electric three-wheelers come with zero maintenance Li-Ion battery with a running cost Rs. 0.30/km. The EVs also have a smart electronic speedometer and these three-wheelers can touch a top speed of up to 35 kmph. Talking of the loading capacity, it ranges between 750-960 GVW. The newly introduced electric three-wheelers offer up to 110 km range in a single full charge. The battery on these EVs takes 4-5 hours to get charged 100 percent.